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What readers have said about Abundant Gifts:



"Changed my marriage ..."

"When I received Abundant Gifts in 1999, I began using it as a daily devotional. I quickly discovered that I was not able to use it in that way. After each story was revealed, I wanted more and more. I began craving these stories of God's grace, and quickly finished the whole book. These were my stories too! The details were different, but I related to each one, and learned invaluable lessons and truths.

  "There was one in particular, however, that changed my whole life for the better. I will never forget it. Monday-week 6-inner gifts- A Marriage Builder. It begins with the wisdom of Oswald Chambers, saying that God never tires of bringing us back to the lessons that we need to learn, and continues with Diane sharing her own lesson learned. Diane gave me the gift of sharing her marital struggles, in an honest and brave way. I felt like I was reading about myself, and the way that I treated my own husband. Just as Oswald Chambers pointed out, God was bringing me back to the point of my personal struggle through Diane's story. I fell to my knees, and asked God for the strength to affirm my wonderful husband instead of tearing him down. I had been married for 14 years at that point, and I was able to clearly see the damage that I had done.

"I can happily now say that the following eight years of my marriage have been so much better, in so many ways, thanks to the gift I was given when I first read Diane's wonderful book. I have been able to use the book as a daily devotional and be inspired over and over again by these real life stories. I don't think that I will ever be able to thank Diane enough for writing this book. It opened my eyes, and changed my heart, which in turn, saved my marriage. Now that's truly an abundant gift!"

--Andrea Kendrick, Wheaton, IL


Abundant Gifts… is a delightful devotional. I can see why Jan Karon recommended it.”

Beverly Rykard


"My bathroom companion ..."

(from a man writing to his sister, who gave the book as a gift to his wife)

"By the way, I never got to thank you for the book
Abundant Gifts .  You actually gave it to Cecile but I've been the one reading it. Believe it or not, it's been my 'bathroom' companion since last month. Usually, I take car magazines or other hobby magazines with me to the bathroom to read. But these magazines leave me wanting for 'more of this' or 'more of that' after I read them. Whenever I read Abundant Gifts it makes me feel grateful for what I have and not just the material things.
I'd like to think that it has changed me in a way. So again, thank you for sharing that book with me."

--Philip Gutierrez, Manila, Philippines

So many of these stories touched my heart. I hated to have the book come to an end. I plan to reread it again as the new year starts. It is hard not to read the whole book in one sitting, but it is set up as a daily devotional and I savored it by reading just one story a day. I also believe, as the author shows in some of the stories, that God has a sense of humor. I have given several copies as gifts.

--R. Arthur, Charlton, NY


The stories never cease to encourage. It's one of those books you can read again and again and pass along to those who need to know that God is always there and working even when we don't always see. You are a wonderful writer!”

—Francine Rivers, best-selling author


An insightful, meaningful book that will open your eyes to the many gifts available to any of us all the time.”

- - Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®;

Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire


"I'm writing to tell you how much your book Abundant Gifts  has meant to me through the years. This is my fourth time through it, and each time the daily readings truly meet a need in my life or inspire me when I didn't even know I needed inspiration."

--Barbara L. Baird, Willow Grove, PA

 Receive your gifts of God's love now 

     “Reading Abundant Gifts is like sitting down with a box of Godiva chocolates. It’s hard to stop at just one! But each is so rich and satisfying.”

—Peggy Stoks,  Lino Lakes , MN


From a woman who had just returned from the mission field and underwent an extremely stressful year:  

“I want to write and thank you for Abundant Gifts, an act that is a rare one for me. I never write authors about their books. But yours has had
  a very positive effect  on me

As I browsed in the Christian bookstore, I was looking for a devotional that would help me through the next year. Yours won the final selection round!

The theme of Abundant Gifts really spoke to me.  So many times the wonderful, ordinary things that God provides for us from day to day are overlooked. As His children, we are blessed in so many ways that we take for granted.  I wanted to be reminded  throughout the year in the gray days that I knew would come that God is reaching out to me every day.…

Thank you for your
  reminders every day  during this past year of the blessings of God, the grace that He bestows daily, and  the love He shows  in circumstances that don’t seem heaven-sent.”

—T. F., Central, SC



 “I treated myself to your book Abundant Gifts for Christmas. Thank you. The stories are inspirational, uplifting and a guide to change your life.… My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer this past Christmas. Since this is too heavy a duty for me to handle, I have turned it all over to God’s grace. I have no idea what will happen over the next while; I do know that your book will be a source of comfort to me. I also now know that God will decide our future and I will be able to carry on with God’s grace.”

—D. G., Halifax, IN


“I love your book. I bought eight or 10 copies and  gave them away as gifts . One friend reads it all the time and it has been a  source of comfort and encouragement  to her. She loves you and doesn’t even know you.”

—Debbie Fisher, Plantation, FL


Your messages always give me a jolt and wake me up to God's blessings. It is a wonderful ministry that you give to all of us.”

—Doris Rikkers, Grand Rapids, MI


“When I start reading I feel my spirit ratcheting up a notch on the gratefulness, joyfulness scale. Reading the stories and quotes in your book is like receiving  a big rope that pulls me up out of the doldrums  . They turn my head around in a new direction and get me off the 'things aren't working" in my life focus.'

—Virginia Vagt, Wheaton, IL


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“Now the discipline  for me of regular devotions is limiting myself to just one of Diane Eble’s devotions per day!”

Michelle Collings, Crossings Editorial Director


I pick up Abundant Gifts   again and again. Each time it’s like finding one treasure at a time.  ”

—Lynn Lloyd, Warrenville, IL


"I picked up this book in a bookstore at a particularly hard time in my life, when I needed spiritual support. In the dark days I experienced, Abundant Giftswas a ray of light shining through, helping me to think, "What gift is God giving me today?" It helped open my eyes to the reality of a God who cares about me in the little details of my life and who wants me to see and delight in His blessings.
Abundant Giftswas a blessing in my life. Thank you, Diane Eble!"

--Tamara R. Flinchum, Atlanta, GA


"Diane Eble has such a wonderful way with words. You'll be tempted to read this book straight through. Besides being  beautifully designed  (in either edition) this book  overflows with well-written, touching and timely devotions.

Abundant Gifts  truly is a gift!"

--Deborah Raney, author of
  A Nest of Sparrows  and  Playing by Heart

 "This book discusses the abundant gifts that God has in store for us each and every day. The author not only urges us to discover these gifts in our own lives, but also shows many examples in these devotions. By living in an expectant fashion, we discover and are amazed at what God does to personally affect our lives. I would recommend this book for all who believe in God. Busy people who would like to take the time for a short devotion will appreciate how quickly it reads -- but the message of each devotion will touch hearts."--anonymous reviewer on amazon.com


“I have been reading each day of this past year from Abundant Gifts and I want you to know how much the messages mean to me. I hate to see it come to an end. I plan  on reading it again as the new year begins . … So many of  the stories touched my heart . So many of them I could relate to. I have discovered anew this year the power of prayer and how  God touches our lives  in so many wonderful ways. And I do believe God has a sense of humor!”

–Judy Arthur, Charlton, NY


 "I finally picked up a copy of Abundant Gifts and read it. I know it's supposed to be a daily reading activity, but I couldn't stop myself from reading ahead (until 2am last night!). I really, really enjoyed it! You have inspired me to keep a gifts journal. I'm sure I'm missing a wealth of God's gifts just because I'm too lazy or preoccupied to notice. Thanks for sharing all your stories."

--Andrea LeRoy, Wheaton, IL

"Your book shoes us how God touches our lives, and if we lookfor his hand in our lives we really will see it."
--Linda Vandine, Carol Stream, IL

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