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Digital Personal JournalDownload your
Digital Personal Journal
3D turning pages here. 

Step One:

If you don't already have the DNL Reader, (which is like the Adobe Acrobat Reader, but much smaller in size), you can download this small-size file guaranteed virus-free right here.  Click here or on the icon below, choose "Save as" and your DNL Reader will install in just a few seconds.

 Get DNL reader

Step Two:

Once you have the DNL Reader, simply click to download now. 

Note: Your browser may ask if you want to "save" or "open with the DNL file." Since you want to be able to write in this, choose "Save" and put it on your desktop (or whereever you want it).

Once the Digital Personal Journal is displayed on your computer screen, all you have to do is click on the cover and the journal will open to the first page.  Then, start typing on your keyboard -- and whatever you type will appear on the journal. 

To turn the page, you simply need to click on the right-hand page, and the journal turns to the next page that's ready for you to write on.

Note: If you can't read this (I know the DNL Reader does not work with Mac machines--sorry!), click here to go to amazon.com to read an excerpt there. (It won't give you as many stories as the Digital Web Book, and there is an error on the first story, but it will give you a feel for the book.) OR: If you don't have a Mac machine and you still can't get or read the file, email me at , and I will email it to you as an attachment. (Same goes for the Abundant Gifts Digital Web Book.)

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