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 Inspiring Stories that Open Your Soul to Grace . . .

260 True Stories that Focus Your Eyes on the Lavish Gifts of God

by Diane Eble
opening gift of motivational storiesHave you ever found a $20 dollar bill in your coat pocket that you forgot you had -- or received a big fat check in the mail that you weren't expecting? Have you ever received a surprise gift from someone -- even though there was no special occasion?

Everybody loves getting surprise gifts they didn't know they had coming. Don't you wish you could receive an unexpected gift every day? Especially a gift that nourishes your soul and changes your life?

Be careful what you ask for -- you just might get it!

J.P. de Caussade, the author of one of the greatest classics on surrendering our will to Divine Providence,
 once wrote:

  "Those who have abandoned themselves to God always lead
  mysterious lives and receive from him exceptional and miraculous gifts
 by means of the most ordinary, natural and chance experiences."

Whether you realize it or not, God's hidden gifts are everywhere -- just waiting to be discovered. But in order to see them -- and experience them in your life -- you need a special kind of spectacles.

Imagine for a moment that you're about to view a 3-D movie. When you view it with the naked eye, the picture seems somewhat blurred and out of focus, doesn't it? That's because in order to see the movie as it’s meant to be seen, you need 3-D glasses.

Likewise, our view of the world isn't quite what it should be when seen with the naked eye. In order to fully experience the height, breadth, depth and magnitude of God's gifts, you need special glasses -- more particularly, the spiritual equivalent of 3-D glasses.

Exquisite Nuggets of Wisdom

"Rarely has a book roused in me so many profound revelations as has Diane Eble's Abundant Gifts.   The real-life stories contained in her book are exquisite nuggets of wisdom that unwrap God's miraculous gifts to anyone who's willing to open their eyes to find them. I can't even count the number of times I've read some of these motivational stories aloud to friends who needed the right words spoken in due season.

"As you turn the pages of her book, read the words slowly -- and savor the rich morsels as you would a meal so extraordinarily tasty you hope it never ends. There are 5 stories to be read each week -- one for every weekday -- but they're so irresistible you'll be tempted to read all these motivational stories in one sitting. This book has changed my life so much that I've given it as a gift to more people than any other book I've encountered."

-- Maria Veloso, Author of Midwinter Turns to Spring and Director of Web Copywriting University

What if you knew the secret to being happy right now -- no matter who you are or what your circumstances? What if you could ...

  -)  replace the stress of your everyday life with joy?
  feel refreshed when you're weary?
have something to lift your spirits every time you feel a little "down"
  -- when you're worried about finances, feeling lonely or heartbroken, or
  concerned about your health or the health of your loved ones?
 turn your despair into hope,
  your turmoil into peace,
  your poverty into wealth,
  your mourning into dancing?
feel loved and special all the time?
  be triumphant, even on days when you feel defeated?
  find guidance when you come to life's crossroads and dark hours?

If I could promise you that there was a way -- a simple way -- to be happy despite your circumstances or background, would you be interested? When you read every word of this article, you will discover the secret I stumbled upon somewhat accidentally, the secret that has revolutionized my life for the past 9 years. I will show you a deceptively simple practice that, if you do it yourself, is guaranteed to bring you unimaginable joy instantly.

If you've never experienced what it's like to be spoiled, lavished and showered with unexpected gifts, you're in for an exhilarating adventure!

"Abundant Gifts  is an insightful, meaningful book of inspirational stories that will open your eyes to the many gifts that are available to any of us
all the time."

-- Mark Victor Hansen
Co-Creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Co-Author, One Minute Millionaire

God Wants to Give You His Best -- If You'll Let Him

Diane Eble, author of Abundant GiftsMy name is Diane Eble. I'm the author of 11 books, including Knowing the Voice of God and MotherStyles: Using Personality Type to Discover Your Parenting Strengths (as collaborator with Janet Penley).

In 1995, I developed a habit that has enriched my life beyond measure -- and I'd like to share it with you.

It was the habit of seeing.

Over the past decade or so, I got into the practice of actively looking for God's gifts -- especially the ones disguised as everyday things. Amazingly enough, there were so many of them that I began to write them down in a "gifts journal."

As I continued with the practice, I began to see "glimpses of grace" -- and started to perceive God's hand in the commonplace. I suddenly discovered freedom from worry, hope in the midst of adversity and comfort in hardship. I began to feel that God was always there for me, showing me He loves me right now -- every day. A newfound peace and gratitude began to define my every waking moment.

Not only did God color the dark moments of my life with joy but He began to shower me with every imaginable gift -- making my life complete, lacking nothing. God did not necessarily create perfect circumstances in my life, mind you. Rather, He gave me the eyes to see the wondrous gifts that I couldn't see before. And that led to my feeling God's love.

And that changed everything.

I recalled the Scripture that states "God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ask or think."  I knew then that it was absolutely true.

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."  -- James 1:17

Gifts Wrapped Up in Inspirational Stories

In the course of my work as an author, publishng coach and freelance book editor, I've encountered amazing people who, like myself, had acquired the same habit of seeing -- the habit I fondly refer to as "the spiritual equivalent of 3-D glasses." These people shared their stories with me -- and their motivational stories, combined with my own, have turned into the 260 daily reflections that comprise my latest book, Abundant Gifts: A Daybook of Grace-Filled Devotions.

About one-third of Jesus' teaching was in brief stories (parables) from everyday life told by way of analogy to illustrate spiritual truths. Likewise, the 260 stories in Abundant Gifts unravel the mysteries of God -- thereby releasing His provision of priceless gifts from the rich treasures of His creation. "For it is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

"The stories never cease to encourage. It's one of those books you can read again and again, and pass along to those who need to know that God is always there and working -- even when we don't always see."

  -- Francine Rivers, best-selling author of 
And the Shofar Blew

When the first edition of my book was released in 1999, I was unprepared for the tremendous impact it would have on the lives of the people who read it.

I sent a copy to Jan Karon, renowned novelist whose best-selling Mitford series has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. I was both honored and humbled when she mentioned my book in the “What I’m Reading” section of her Fall 2003 newsletter. In her review, she said: “God speaks to me through Diane’s pen.”

The following story is just another example of the countless ways people have been affected by Abundant Gifts.

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When the Giver is the Gift...

  On the morning of July 31, 2004, the phone rang and my husband, Gene, answered it. The woman on the other end of the line asked for me. Gene told her I was in the shower, and offered to take a message. The woman was crying inconsolably, which prompted Gene to knock on the bathroom door and insist that I take the call.

  Turning off the shower -- I was halfway through, between the shampoo and the conditioner -- and dripping with moisture, I took the phone Gene handed me. Who could be calling?  I felt a little alarmed, wondering what was the matter, and somehow expecting bad news.

Abundant Gifts cover  It turned out to be Maria, a woman I barely knew at the time, whom I'd met recently on the Internet while researching ways to promote my book, Abundant Gifts. She had been so helpful to me that I had sent her a complimentary copy of the book a couple of weeks previously.

  Between her tears, she told me she was on the 9th day of reading the daily stories contained in my book. She said that every day she read my book, her eyes were so reawakened to God’s abundance in her everyday life that she’d made it a habit to pick up the phone and call someone to share what she had discovered in my book.

  That particular morning, the day’s meditation made her weep because it gave rise to profound revelations that resonated with her. She said that upon reading the meditation, she came to the realization that as abundant as God’s gifts are, they couldn’t compare with his greatest gift of all - the gift of himself. "The Giver is the gift!" she exclaimed, clearly stirred by her realization.

  I was heartened by Maria's words because, more than anything, I want people to get the right idea about God. When I say he is a gift-giving God, I want people to see that He gives gifts because of His gracious God-love. He is not the some cosmic vending machine, dispensiing candy to greedy children. He gives so lavishly for one purpose -- to draw each beloved child closer to His heart of love.

  In this instance, the gifts kept coming. Incredibly, after Maria shared with me what my book had done for her, I too received a gift of immeasurable value.

  For some time, I’ve had a jaded attitude toward being an author. About two years ago, I got very discouraged about how my books would get into print, then shortly thereafter go out of print. This made me wonder whether I ought to write any more books at all -- and I even considered quit writing books altogether and finding something else to do for "real money." Maria’s call made me realize that if my words could touch people’s lives the way they’d visibly touched her, I had no business doubting whether I should continue writing books or not. This ability to write was a gift that God entrusted to me, and through which he intends to bless others. What right had I to refuse to serve the gift?

  Four days later, I received yet another gift. Maria had sent me a check in the amount of $1,000. Maria knew I didn’t have much of a budget to promote Abundant Gifts, so she said if a thousand dollars could help get my book into the hands of more people, it was money well spent.

  I thanked her profusely -- but she insisted that the gift I had given her by sending her my book was an even greater gift to her.

  In fact, to express her thanks, Maria prepared something very special for me and all my Abundant Gifts friends: a Digital Personal Journal. This amazing software acts like a diary. Its pages turn like a real diary -- and you can write on it like a real diary -- but it resides on your computer (not online) for your security and privacy. Sprinkled liberally throughout the journal pages are inspirational passages, quotes--and even music clips you can listen to.

  Digital journals like these are selling for $39.95 or more -- but this one's yours for  FREE  You will also receive the Abundant Gifts e-zine, a newsletter designed to help you develop the habit of seeing everyday gifts from a lavish God. (You may unsubscribe at any time.)

  To get your copy of the Digital Personal Journal, simply click here.

I hope you will enjoy using this for keeping track of your abundant gifts ... or for whatever reason you choose. 

Click here to experience God's abundant gifts for yourself.

Your Sixth Sense: Seeing Beyond What Your Eyes Can See

Ever since Abundant Gifts was published a few years ago, I've received a steady stream of letters and e-mails from people whose lives have changed as a result of reading it. Suddenly, I came to this realization: If I don't do everything in my power to help people experience the splendid gifts of our generous God, I would be doing them a great disservice!

Therefore, when the book temporarily went out of print, it prompted me to seek a new publisher (New Hope Publishers) to spearhead the second printing of the book. It was finally re-released in October 2004.

In 2007, that publisher decided not to reprint another edition of the book, but I do have a limited supply of the books in stock. Because you are buying from me, every book you request will be signed and personalized by the author! Consider getting one for yourself, and one as a gift for someone who needs a special touch from God.

It is my hope that Abundant Gifts will bestow upon you, as it has done for many others, the sixth sense to see above and beyond what your eyes can see -- and discern God's extravagant gifts that He's been waiting to give you.

Here's what people are saying about
Abundant Gifts...

"Diane Eble has such a wonderful way with words. Besides being beautifully designed (in either edition) this book overflows with well-written, touching and timely devotions. Abundant Gifts truly is a gift!" -- Deborah Raney, author of A Nest of Sparrows and  Playing by Heart

“Reading Abundant Gifts is like sitting down with a box of Godiva chocolates. It’s hard to stop at just one! But each is so rich and satisfying.” -
 Peggy Stoks, Lino Lakes, Minnesota 

“When I start reading, I feel my spirit ratcheting up a notch on the gratefulness, joyfulness scale. Reading the motivational stories and quotes in your book is like receiving a big rope that pulls me up out of the doldrums. They turn my head around in a new direction and get me off the 'things- aren't-working-in-my-life' focus.” - Virginia Vagt, Wheaton, Illinois

“Your messages always give me a jolt and wake me up to God's blessings. It is a wonderful ministry that you give to all of us.” - Doris Rikkers, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Reading Abundant Gifts every day has been God’s gift to me.”--  Bodie Thoene, author of A.D. Chronicles and Zion Legacy series  

"I love your book. I bought eight or ten copies and gave them away as gifts. One friend reads it all the time and it has been a source of comfort and encouragement to her. She loves you and doesn't even know you." --
 Debbie Fisher, Plantation, Florida

"I pick up Abundant Gifts again and again. Each time it's like finding one treasure at a time." -- Lynn Lloyd, Warrenville, Illinois

"This book discusses the abundant gifts that God has in store for us each and every day. The author not only urges us to discover these gifts in our own lives, but also shows many examples in these devotions. By living in an expectant fashion, we discover and are amazed at what God does to personally affect our lives. I would recommend this book for all who believe in God. Busy people who would like to take the time for a short devotion will appreciate how quickly it reads -- but the message of each devotion will touch hearts." --
 Anonymous Reader's Review posted on Amazon.com

Link to amazon.com book page for Abundant Gifts 

10% of book sales go to charities that work with feeding children in developing countries.

The real-life, inspirational stories contained in  Abundant Gifts encompass life's struggles and adventures and demonstrate how people have found joy in the hidden gifts of God that they had never before looked deep enough to find.  All we have to do is unmask our eyes to the splendid gifts of a lavish God that are evident in seemingly random, everyday events.

This collection of 260 stories and meditations - 5 daily readings for each week of the year - will open your eyes to experience God’s love in your everyday life, and help you recognize His miracles that often go unnoticed. It reveals how God gives you exceedingly abundantly above all you could ever ask or think. These reflections will help you see with your own eyes how generous God is.

Here's a sneak peek at just 8 of the 260 stories that comprise
 Abundant Gifts:

  • Spiritual Alchemy - If you've ever struggled with a difficult relationship or been surrounded with people who seem determined to hurt you, this story will enable you to surrender your pain, fear, anger and hurt to God and allow Him to transform them into something quite different -- forgiveness, freedom to love, and the power to change yourself and your world. It is spiritual alchemy at its highest and grandest when God turns your ashes into beauty through the miracle of grace.  
  • The Day the Air Sparkled - The morning after the worst snowstorm to hit the Midwest in 30 years, I walked through two feet of snow, noticing that a persistent wind picked up the fine, dry snowflakes and flung them into the sunlight. Mounds of freshly fallen snow shone like huge pearls, and the air was full of sparkles!  This story presents a heartwarming reflection that reminds us that the wind doesn't howl forever -- and that a sparkling day waits around the corner .. after the storm. Because of the storm. 
  • Songs for a Musician - This is the story of Jack Stone, a musician who led a church choir and conducted the orchestra at a large university on the West Coast. One day, he was dismissed from his position as the conductor of the orchestra. At first, he was stunned and dismayed, but he later realized that the dismissal was God's special way of communicating with him and telling him he could finally pursue his greatest love -- that of performing as a violinist. This story is a wonderful reminder that even on days when God feels distant, He is always with you.
  • The Eight Words That Changed My Marriage - If your spouse has ever stretched your patience to the breaking point, or made you feel disappointed, disgruntled or dissatisfied with your marriage, there are 8 words that I've found to be God's personalized gift for improving any marriage. They are a prescription for how to love another person, whether it be a spouse, a parent, friend or child. I've received more thank-you e-mails for this story than all the other stories in the book. Quite a few married people tell me this alone is well worth the price of the entire book.

  • A Repeated Message of Comfort - When JoAnn Harvey was twenty-two, her mother died. Because her mother and she had been very close, she felt alone and devastated. Later, her own daughter died in her sleep quite suddenly and inexplicably. If you've ever asked the question, "How could God let this happen?" the words God whispered in JoAnn's ear will be the sliver of light that will shine through your days of questions. The words, which come directly from Scripture, are a verse you can pin your life on.

  • What God Gives When He Takes Everything Away - Have you ever faced a situation you couldn't understand -- and found it impossible to see God's hand in it? If you've ever had to live through an extended period of suffering and difficulty, this story will give you the comfort to know that "...when God takes everything else away, what He gives you in its place is Himself." It will give you hope that as you seek God for Himself, not just as a way out of your pain, you will find a loving Savior and a purpose for your suffering.

  • Finding God at Home - If you've ever rebelled against doing domestic chores; if you've ever begrudged having to do thankless tasks that are not fulfilling, such as laundry, dishes, and cooking; or if you've ever yearned to be able to achieve, find fulfillment, and use your gifts outside the context of the home; this story will give you an uplifting perspective. It will reveal how mundane and routine acts of service, when done in the spirit of love can be used and blessed by God.

  • A Rose in the Storm - This is the story of how novelist Michael Phillips came up with the idea for the first volume in The Secret of the Rose series, The Eleventh Hour (Tyndale, 1993). He had been praying for a story idea, but never expected God to answer through a rose plant that had been left for dead in the alley behind his house. One January day at the end of a week of violent weather -- wind, hail, snow and ice -- a rose bloomed miraculously out of the throwaway plant. That got Michael's creative juices flowing and enabled him to not only start writing the book, but also finish it in record time -- two months! The experience also caused Michael to open his eyes to see wonderful things -- in God's Word, in His person, in His creation, and in His people. It's a wonderful reminder that our mysterious, creative God is always at work making roses bloom where we least expect them.

"... The Stories Touched My Heart ..."

"I have been reading each day of this past year from Abundant Gifts and I want you to know how much the messages mean to me. I hate to see it come to an end. I plan on reading it again as the new year begins... So many of the stories touched my heart. So many of them I could relate to. I have discovered anew this year the power of prayer and how God touches our lives in so many wonderful ways. And I do believe God has a sense of humor!"

 -- Judy Arthur, Charlton, New York

Click here to unwrap your abundant gifts today.

Why You Need This Book

Earlier on, I told you I'd show you a deceptively simple practice that, if you do it yourself, is guaranteed to bring you unimaginable joy instantly. Here it is:

Name 3 things that you are thankful for.
Type them into the box below (don't worry -- no one will see your answers but you).

  Name three things you are thankful for


Have you finished typing 3 things that you are thankful for? If so, good! Now, add 2 more things to your list.

How do you feel now? Even better? If you did this every day for 3 weeks, what do you think would happen?

According to a study reported in the Spring 2000 issue of the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, people who kept a daily log of 5 things they were thankful for reported increased energy, less health complaints, and greater feelings of overall well-being at the end of just 3 weeks.

This gives you an idea of the same kind of joy that you'll experience when you open your eyes to receive not just 5 -- but innumerable gifts -- from God every day. When you read one reflection from Abundant Gifts  each day and discover the lavish gifts of God, you simply can't help but be thankful -- and this brings about a cascade of benefits that exceed those reported in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

Isn't this the way you'd like to live your life every day? A life filled with God's best -- instead of a life of lack?

Then, you owe it to yourself to
 claim your abundant gifts today and start experiencing the fullness of joy that you so rightfully deserve.

A Wonderful Way to Live

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, shared the following story:

“When my husband was unemployed -- for the third time in several years -- I felt totally stressed out. I was a witch to live with. I was at my wit’s end, and couldn’t even pray. My husband kept trying to tell me to have faith, but that would only make me angrier with him.

“Then I picked up your book. Because I was working two jobs to make ends meet, along with taking care of the family, the only time I had to read was at 2 a.m. every night. I read your book every single night, and finished it in a week.

“You would not believe the change it made in me. It totally rearranged my whole perspective. I began to see God’s love again. I began to believe that things could turn around. And I became nicer to live with. My husband noticed the change, as did my children. I was, quite literally, a different person.

“I don’t know if it was also a result of your book and my increased faith or what, but the very next week my husband found a job!

“I have continued to look for God’s gifts every day, and it is such a wonderful way to live.”

Receive your gifts of God's love now 

10% of book sales go to charities that work with feeding children in developing countries.

Another Gift for You -- the Abundant Gifts E-Book Journal

While Abundant Gifts gives you a running start with 260 stories of God's wonders and surprises, there is nothing that compares with the experience of plumbing the spiritual depths of your very own stories of God's goodness and grace. Therefore, I've created something special for you -- the Abundant Gifts E-Book Journal.

When or not you choose to own the book, Abundant Gifts 
, I would like you to have a free copy of your very own Abundant Gifts E-Book Journal. It is my gift to you.
The Abundant Gifts E-Book Journal is the perfect companion to
  Abundant Gifts. It is a downloadable, printable journal filled with inspirational quotes and plenty of space to write your own reflections and record your personal feelings about experiencing God's love and generosity on a personal basis.

If you've longed for a sense that God is personally involved in your life, the practice of writing your thoughts in this journal will accomplish that for you -- as my own journal writing did for me.

Whether you choose the Digital Personal Journal or the E-Book Journal, I want you to start experiencing the power of recording God's gifts on a daily basis.You simply won't know the tremendous value of this practice until you actually do it.

I could have created a fancy product and offer it for sale to supplement the income for my book, as othher authors have done. However, I prefer to offer them to you as a gift. You see, I created the journal out of my own gratitude for the gift of seeing -- and the difference it has made in my life. As a firm believer of the Scripture that states, "Freely you have received, freely give," I therefore wish to give this journal free of charge to help you develop the habit of seeing -- that sixth sense that will help you recognize God's miracles that often go unnoticed.

To get your E-Book Journal, click here. When you sign up for that and confirm, you will receive an e-mail with the link to download your journal and print it out so you can start using it immediately.

You can use the Journal to record your own personal abundant gifts. You can also use it to record your family's blessings, on a daily or weekly basis. You can reprint it as many times as you like, making it a perpetual way to record your blessings.

I can't tell you how my own Abundant Gifts Journal has pulled me out of "the blues." Whenever I'm feeling down, I can pull out my Journal of God's goodness and faithfulness, and it lifts my spirits every time. Because God is the same today and tomorrow as he was yesterday, I know that he will continue to "pursue me with goodness and mercy" in the present and future, as he has in the past.

I hope you will also get your copy of Abundant Gifts, which will give you those "3-D glasses" to see even more gifts than you probably would otherwise.

Own this book of motivational stories now 
10% of book sales go to charities that work with feeding children in developing countries.

It's Not by Accident that You've Arrived at This Site

I'm convinced that it was through no accident that you've found this website. There are no accidents in God's universe. I believe that your search for spiritual truth is what brought you here -- and God reveals Himself to those who seek Him. "Seek first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added to you."

I once defined joy as "knowing you're in the center of God's will." True joy is not brought about by external conditions -- or by ideal circumstances based on worldly standards. Exuberant joy springs from deep within us -- from knowing that there is a loving and personal God who looks after us and wants the best for us. It is the joy that I -- as well as the countless people who have read
 Abundant Gifts  -- have come to know.

I believe you found your way to this website because you, too, are seeking that exuberant joy -- the joy that comes with God's peace, which surpasses all understanding.
 Claim it now-- and know that God delights in giving abundant blessings to those who seek Him.

We Often Overlook
the Wonderful, Ordinary Things...

“I want to write and thank you for  Abundant Gifts, an act that is a rare one for me. I never write authors about their books. But yours has had a very positive effect on me.

"As I browsed in the bookstore, I was looking for a devotional that would help me through the next year. I ended up choosing three different devotionals -- one dealing with missions, one the Guideposts annual book, and yours. Although I purchased all three, because I couldn’t choose, yours won the final selection round!

"The theme of Abundant Gifts really spoke to me. So many times the wonderful, ordinary things the God provides for us from day to day are overlooked. As his children, we are blessed in so many ways that we take for granted. I wanted to be reminded throughout the year in the gray days that I knew would come that God is reaching out to me every day.

"Thank you for your reminders every day during this past year of the blessings of God, the grace that he bestows daily, and the love he shows in circumstances that don’t seem heaven-sent.”

-- T. F., Central, South Carolina

Unwrap a Wonderful Gift a DayChristmas gifts

Someone once told me that reading Abundant Gifts was very much like Christmas morning when you look forward with anticipation to opening your presents. I happen to think it's infinitely better.

It's not just getting a bunch of gifts on a single day but it's getting a "gift-a-day" -- wherein you're astonished anew each time you open the book and receive yet another gift. Best of all, each daily gift comes from the most generous Giver of all -- the One no one could possibly outgive.
 Almighty God!

Friend, m
y heart’s desire is that you too would discover this “abundant gifts way of living.” Let God’s joy satisfy your longings. Let His compassion free you from worry and see you through the dark moments of your life. Let His wealth enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

I invite you to wake up each day with a sense of adventure as you encounter God in the ordinary and feast on His abundance.

May you be richly blessed today and always,

"It is truly a Godsend"

"I was particularly moved by the devotion in Diane Eble's book titled The Eight Words That Changed My Marriage. Its wisdom applies not only to marriage relationships, but also to parent-child relationships, relationships between friends and siblings, and practically all interpersonal relationships. The other night, I read the devotion to my daughter and my son-in-law while they were having dinner. They were supremely blessed by it, as were all the other people I've shared it with.

"I make it a point to read Abundant Gifts every day, but particularly on nights that I have difficulty falling asleep, my favorite pastime is to read as many of the book's heartwarming stories as I can. My niece and my daughters-in-law are also enjoying the book very much. It truly is a godsend!" -- Tita Gutierrez, Rancho Cucamonga, California  

  Abundant Gifts cover

  Own this book of inspirational stories now

10% of book sales go to charities that work with feeding children in developing countries.



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